(But Not Sure What You Really Want or How to Make Money Doing it?)


And get the FREEDOM that comes from doing what you were designed to do.

Mary Lyn Miller: Fired Up for Success

Do you feel there must be a better way to make a living but uncertain how to make the transition from the life you live now?

What's holding you back?  You may think it's money, ability or opportunity, but that's not usually the case.


But unlike most business coaching, the Fired Up for Success ™ system is not only about gaining clarity and tools, but is also about being in a safe, collaborative environment of unconditional support where you attain your goals.

Let me take you by the hand, one step at a time, through my proven system that has been working for clients all over the world for over 26 years!

You'll thrive with the support and accountability you need to make your goals a reality!

Hi!  I'm Mary Lyn Miller!

As a career and business development coach for over 20 years, author, and founder of the Fired Up for Success System,™  I know how painful it is to not to be living the life you were designed to live or doing the work you are meant to do.

I have been in your shoes! I was a corporate executive and knew I was stressed. I never had enough time and no matter how hard I worked, there always seemed to be more to do. I enjoyed the prestige and salary, but I didn't feel that this was the right life for me.

Something was missing. But I couldn't identify what it was. Everyone told me I should be happy. but I wasn't!  My life was unfocused, uninspired, and unfulfilling.  I had no idea what to do and eventually my relationships, my health and my personal life began to suffer.  Does this sound familiar?

In the midst of this tough time I was diagnosed with bladder cancer and was given a grim prognosis -  possibly as few as 6 months to live.

My illness was my wake up call and turned out to be a wonderful gift. I became willing and committed to finding another way to live my life. I realized I had to change my thinking, not just my work.

And so I did.

I created a structure to keep me passionate, and a developed a way of working & living that would support me on an ongoing basis. I follow the same system even today - 20 years later - and so do thousands of my high-income clients all over the world.

Everyone noticed a difference in me! And they wanted to know how I did it. I shared my success plan with them and now I'm going to share exactly what I did to create my inner and outer success with you.


Almost dying brought me back to life.
I found I could make a great living doing what I loved!

  • I no longer had to report to anyone
  • I had total flexibility
  • I could travel and spend time with family
  • I could earn a comfortable living without ever having to go back to a "job"

And you can too!

It's not enough to find your passion; you have to have a plan to create sustainable income so that you can live your authentic life, every day.


Mary Lyn Millers Fired Up for Success Program

The 7 Steps are brought to life through interactive and collaborative tools.

Components of the FUFS Program

Everything you need to discover your true passion is included PLUS you'll receive unlimited access to the FiredUp for Success MasterMind Network for three full months of support as you make your vision and revenue goals a reality. 








My Clients Say it Best...








Don't Let Fear Hold You Back. Get Fired Up!

The Fired Up for Success™ Vision Manifestation is Available NOW!

Get the system that has worked for countless clients for over 20 years including the Program Modules, Tools, Live Coaching, Live MasterMind sessions through the FiredUp for Success MasterMind Network PLUS these special bonuses:

BONUS 1: Immediate access to a MasterMind Coach as soon as you buy!

BONUS 2: Mary Lyn Miller's 90 Day Magic Workbook:  A Simple Formula to Get What You Really Want in 90 Days or Less

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BONUS 4: A FREE 30-minute consultation with social media expert Indra Wiencek.

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  • Learn simple strategies that will get you up and running quickly.
  • Better understand what traits will make you successful, so you can more easily focus and get better results.
  • Pursue a path truly aligned with your passion and skills.
  • Discover how to connect with those who would love your help.
  • Start making the money to live with freedom, purpose and balance.

IT'S ALL POSSIBLE with the Fired Up for Success System™

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1-payment-595 OR  3-payments-198